Create your own Aria outfit

Bold print top/dress and black leggings with something small on them (like the leather knee pads on these), and a large feather earring (only wear one!) and a belt to make it look more dressy. 





Create your own Aria outfit

Dark coloured blouse, dark skinny jeans, earthy coloured boots, leather and faux fur bag to clash with the other textures and statement earrings.

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Create your own Aria outfit

This outfit was inspired by Aria’s first look in episode 14, season 1. Cute and casual :)

Star top

Black long sleeve top




Create an “Aria” outfit.

Costume designer for PLL Mandi Line recently said in an interview that a pattern Aria loves to wear is stripes, which can be seen in a lot of the episodes. So here I’ve come up with another Aria inspired outfit. Keeping with her statement leather jacket and biker boots, I’ve added a stripped tank top and grey jeans. A Long pendant necklace with this would be perfect, and not forgetting a darker coloured bag to finish it all off!

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If you like any of Aria’s looks from any of the episodes and would like me to put something similar together in a lookbook, you’re welcome to ask and I’ll do my best :) >>

Creating an “Aria” outfit.

This outfit shows a typical Aria style; the girlie bold print dress with dark colouring, mixed with one of Aria’s staple pieces; a leather jacket to show her edgy side, along with boots to vamp up the look. Throw on some knee high socks for a warmer feel in the chilly autumn months, and a feathered necklace that Aria would wear to bring out her bohemianism. The light grey bag with studs once again adds an edgier feel. Using simple steps like this really creates an Aria feeling outfit! :)

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